Red, White and You

To Everyone Affected By The Tantrum Of A Grown Man, A Phony Christian, A Naked Soul, A Spineless Misogynist, A Tiny Handed War Monger, A Pussy Grabbing Demagogue, A Racist Billionaire, A Feather-Haired Bootlicker, A Serial Liar, A Clueless Businessman, An Alternative Fact Spewing Cocksucker, A Wolf In Sheep's Skin, A Pillow Fighting Sycophant, A Draft Dodging Bully, A Disability Mocking Buffoon, A Thesaurus Challenged Homophobe, A Rights Stripping Moron, I Support You. I Stand With You, Behind You, Next To You, In Front Of You. The Corner Is Not Lonely. It Is Cold, It Is Dark. stick your hand out. It Is Rife With Hands That Will Reach Out To Grab it. I will Give You Mine. So Many Of Us Will. Through this fight. This struggle. For You. For Us amidst This Terrible Fucking Nightmare. And When We Awake From It, a Flag and its color will Be Reunited. Its Glow restored. Its Embrace Of Nature, A Heart Running Rampant In a Chest Of Diversity.

It Will Be That Way.

It Has To.

It Will.